Sunday, June 4, 2023

Beautiful Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful country in the world .

Switzerland is known for mountains , rivers and lakes .

The switzerland is visited from milion tourist all around the world and they enjoy being at this country .They are amazed with the beauty of this country and with the cleanliness they encounter in tourist places.

There are some photos from famouse Photographers :

Uri, Switzerland 🇨🇭💙🇨🇭

📸 @sennarelax

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland ❤️💙💚🇨🇭

📸 by@khadija_sweetheart
📷 sennarelax
Canton Luzern, Switzerland 🇨🇭💙🇨🇭

📸 by@amir_asani13
(Photo by~Senna Relax )


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