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National Park “Valbona Valley” the miracle of the Albanian Alps

Valbona is otherwise known as the pearl of AlbaniaValbona is not just a natural destination of Albania, it is a complex of interesting phenomena, like the rest of the Albanian Alps, which brings together all the meanings of beauty.Valbona shows travelers its majesty through majestic mountains, its depth through forests and abysses, its purity through crystal clear water where golden trout dance.

It is located in the Kukes Region and in the Tropoja district, 25-30 km northwest of the city of Bajram Curri. It lies between high and steep peaks covered with a fantastic color scheme in every season, thus giving the image of a valley full of labyrinths and surprises. It has an area of ​​8,000 hectares and is considered the wonder of the Albanian Alps.
It has a mountainous climate, but sunny during the summer. Temperatures are never too high due to the position of the area at altitude. In winter there is a lot of snow that stratifies up to one meter and in certain periods, even more. Annual rainfall is abundant, most of them fall in autumn and winter. The climate in this region is most suitable for tourism during summer and winter as well. It should be noted that the difficult infrastructure does not allow you to travel alone, especially since the roads in winter are blocked by snow. But by contacting local guides, if you are determined to visit in the winter, you can move “in circles”.

The valley is a cross-border park with the highest biodiversity values. There are beech, pine, pine, fir, alpine meadows (mountains), chestnut forests (Castanea sativa) in natural condition, mountain streams and rivers, etc. Park rich in endemism and subendemism. The park is also a single meeting area for pormae (Picea abies). There are large and protected mammals such as bear (Ursus arctos), wolf (Canis lupus), lynx (Felis lynx), herd of wild goats (Rupicapra rupicapra), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), etc., while from birds we distinguish the presence of turkey and wild chicken (Tatrao urogallus) and mountain eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), etc. The globally endangered otters (Lutra lutra) are found in the waters of the Valbona River.

Outdoor walks generally dominate but different types of sports can also be practiced, climbing mountain slopes. Hunting can also be practiced but only during the season and by getting preliminary information on which park animals hunting is prohibited. Enthusiasts can set up camping, respecting the environment and being informed in advance about the allowed areas. Valbona is one of the most beautiful areas of Albania and the rugged segments of the river of the same name, can be a challenge for extreme sports enthusiasts.


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