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Tuscany the beautiful region of Italy

The achingly beautiful Tuscany region of Italy is a touchstone of art, food, and culture. Made up of stunning countryside and distinguished cities, Tuscany is the perfect escape for gastronomes, cognoscenti, and fans of the Italian Renaissance. Visit the stunning Roman Catholic cathedrals and galleries of Florence and Arezzo, or make your way to Pisa to see its hallmark Leaning Tower. A bike tour through olive groves and vineyards is a popular way to literally breathe in the Tuscan atmosphere.

Despite dating back to Etruscan times, Tuscany’s new breed of thermal spas combine sophisticated pampering with authentic water cures in incomparable natural settings.
But, never fear, the scary white-coat brigade has been banished from the best Tuscan spas, such as Chianciano’s Terme Sensoriali, one of the most approachable yet seductive day spas.
Neighbouring Fonteverde, floating on a sea of hills in Val d’Orcia, is a terraced spa resort clustered around a late Renaissance villa. The stylishly simple estate is dotted with thermal pools but, as a destination spa, also delivers oriental massage, skin consultations, dietary advice, yoga and spiritual healing – all presented clearly, without pushiness or psychobabble. Sound like your thing? Have one of our experts plan a tailor-made trip based around the Tuscan spas. Saturnia Hot Springs in Tuscany – Italy’s Best-Kept Secret The Saturnia thermal hot springs are one of Italy’s best-kept secrets and an absolute must do in Italy. A collection of silk blue water springs on different levels that are heated by the nearby volcano. A small but powerful stream of water keeps the water flowing down all levels and makes sure it has a constant temperature of 37 degrees. About Saturnia, Tuscany
Saturnia is a spa town in Tuscany, Italy. A commonly misunderstood fact is that the springs are part of a nearby located spa resort. The Saturnia hot springs in Tuscany are completely FREE to visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. How to visit the Saturnia hot springs in Tuscany?
Being strategically located between Siena (2 hours) and Rome (3 hours) is what makes Saturnia a perfect stop to add to your Tuscany road trip. The best option is to rent a car, drive there and spend the night at one of the bed and breakfasts near the hot springs.
If you’re renting a car in Italy we recommend Sunny Cars as they work with local car rental companies and the price includes all insurances. Book your rental car here. Enjoy the peaceful baths during sunset or sunrise when the least visitors are in the baths. The relaxing sound of the powerful waterfall will muffle the talking that you would normally hear around you.


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