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Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia

Near the border with Croatia’s neighbor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Mountain Croatia, the national park Plitvice Lakes finds its place.

It’s Croatia’s biggest and oldest national park, declared back in 1949. Since 1979 Plitvice Lakes are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List

Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia

Even though people do not seem to be very keen on the karst, in this case, it has surprised us all — in the middle of it, Plitvice Lakes are located.

They consist of 16 beautiful and unique lakes divided into upper (12) and lower (4) lakes.

Upper lakes are surrounded by forest and connected with waterfalls, while the lower ones are smaller and shallower.

What makes Plitvice Lakes unique are travertine barriers that grow, making the depth, size and shape of the lakes change all the time. Also, the colors seem to change due to sunlight and minerals in the water.

The title of the highest lake goes to Prošćansko lake with its 639 meters (699 yards) while the lowest one is Novakovića Brod with 503 meters (557 yards). Honestly, the contrast is not that significant.

Two waterfalls, Sastavci falling down from 72 meters (79 yards) and Veliki Slap falling down from 76 meters (83 yards) are just the examples to let your imagination go.

The lakes flow into the river Korana. But that is not all. Plitvice Lakes are also enriched with caves, situated in the calcareous area of the national park. Some of them are Šupljara, Mračnjača, Golubnjača…
With its surface of 295 km2 (114 mile2) and unbelievable beauty, this national park gives a full image of Croatia’s diversity. Kozjak and Prošćansko lake, the two biggest lakes, cover most of the surface. During the summer days, the temperature reaches 25°C (77°F), so you can enjoy bathing.
Plitvice Lakes are surrounded by forest which represents a good home for a variety of animals and plants. Bears, wolves, owls, capercaillies and many common species can be found there. They all add up to the beauty of this Croatian diamond.
If you are more of a summer type and enjoy walks in the sun, you should visit this wonder during the summer days. On the other hand, Plitvice Lakes covered in snow, frozen waterfalls, are such a beautiful sight and a relief for your eyes.
But then again, you are welcome at any time of the year. A special train and boats will be your means of transport, showing you the true meaning of the word beauty.



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