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Iseltwald Switzerland

Iseltwald is a small yet marvellous village by the southern banks of Lake Brienz, in the Bernese Highlands of Switzerland. Only a 10-minute drive from Interlaken, it is a well-known tourist stop of the Lake Brienz cruise. The turquoise waters of the lake in the backdrop of some of the most stunning peaks of Swiss Alps make the heavenly view of lush green fields and wooden chalet houses of Iseltwald, much more sublime. The overall landscape gives strong peaceful vibes and if you are planning to take a break from a 9 to 5 routine and relax from a loaded schedule, Iseltwald is the ideal place to be. ​

Iseltwald Switzerland is a small village on the left bank of Lake Brienz. It’s mostly a fishing village with a population of around 400.

There is a lot to do in this area. You could walk the village while snapping photos or take a picturesque hike in the mountains. If that’s not your flavor, you could participate in an abundance of lake activities such as fishing or swimming. You’re hungry you say? Then try out one of the many restaurants in the area. I’d venture to say this is a place for just about anybody.

Iseltwald is in the Canton of Bern on Lake Brienz. The drive from Geneva is two and a half hours. If you’re traveling from Bern, the drive takes about one hour, while from Zurich, the drive takes one and a half hours. Similar to most places in Switzerland, you can take the SBB train from your starting point.
Seeburg Castle The Seeburg Castle on the peninsula of Iseltwald was the main attraction for us. It is simply amazing. I’m not sure if this is always the case, but at our time of visit, the gates to the grounds were closed. While it would have been nice to view the grounds, the view from afar is stunning and is what we came for. It’s rather difficult to find consistent information about this castle. Most sites say it’s a rehabilitation center. This seems to have been the case from 1986 until sometime around 2015 (based on a local newspaper article). While I’m unclear, my understanding is that it’s privately owned at this time (or at least is for sale).
Snail Island Snail Island is on Lake Brienz about 300 meters from the shore. We didn’t make the trip out to Snail Island, but it looks pretty cool. You can see the island as you are walking around the lake. 
Iseltwald is lovely to visit all year round. My favorite time, however, was in summer. When it is warm and sunny, Lake Brienz looks even better. You can do more outdoor sports and spend time at the lake.


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