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About two and a half hours drive from Tetovo, crossing the border from Dibra, a traditional tower was the next destination of the STEP team. After crossing the border, approximately 22 km away, crossing the Arber road for the first time, we reach the HUPI Tower, a tower over two hundred years old, which has resisted as much as the tooth of time, as well as the wars that had gripped these sides. in these centuries of its existence.
Located on a hilly site, it seems to guard the village of Lepurakë, and proudly wants to tell every part of the story that has captured this corner of the country.
Lulzim Hupi, the owner of the Tower, happily tells us local stories, and the idea to restore the tower, fulfilling his grandfather’s will, words that always sounded in his ear even when he worked in Crete … “son, do not let it collapse TOWER”. The craft acquired in Crete to work with stones, went to great lengths to transform the Tower from a ruin of stones, into a traditional inn and authentic traces of the country for the past and history of the province.
Not far from the Tower, on a mountain trail about 15 minutes walk, there is a waterfall of the village river, for those who do not want more arduous walking. For those who want more challenges, the second path is offered, which takes about two and a half hours to travel.
Although the beginning of January, the weather reminds us of the sunny spring, and enables us to enjoy the trail with panoramic photos of the surrounding mountains.
We return to Kulla, where the owner’s mother, together with the support team has prepared a traditional instant lunch, where there is no lack of home-made bread, corn flakes with the aroma of village butter, as well as flija, or as the villagers call it ” palokuqe ”. All this food is accompanied by thanash juice and cabbage sprouts, which makes you forget about artificially purchased juices. Then come goat cheese as well as cottage cheese with butter (or otherwise tlyn) and country brandy, soft plum brandy and a stronger grape brandy. For wine lovers, just in case, in the corner of the table is also a container of red house wine. The main food this time is baked beef potatoes, lined up in the pan, to commemorate childhood in the village (for those who have been fortunate enough to experience this childhood).
The tower would not be a tower if it were not sung, and after lunch we say a song to it, to complete the destination agenda.
We visit every corner of the tower, but the most characteristic is the Qepaneku i Kulla, with its pointed turrets (small windows to fight), a place which has protected the Tower from many possible destructions. Upstairs are the bedrooms, which more and more tourists are starting to use.
After the avash starts to get dark outside, we prepare to return to Tetovo, and greeting the host, he gives us a jar of thanash juice, to preserve the taste of the village food.
p.s. This destination is enjoyed only by booking, as it still does not function as a restaurant that serves regularly.
The results of a work done with passion and commitment! Thank you so much to everyone that has visited us 🙏For reservations contact us at our phone number: +355688373793🤍Welcome! 🤗
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