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Lepusha tourist village in Albania

Lëpusha is a typical Alpine and pastoral village isolated far into the Albanian Alps. It is 189 km far from the capital of Albania Tirana. From Albania, the road goes through Shkodra and Hani i Hotit passing through awe-inspiring mountainous terrain. This village of the Kelmendi region offers traditional and cozy guest houses with guest owners warmly welcoming visitors and serving delicious traditional food.

The village of Lëpusha stands on a soft valley surrounded by tens of peaks over 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) high. The community has invested into original accommodating facilities and agricultural economy turning the location into a more rustic version of the Theth village.
The climate in Lëpushë during the winter is very cold, the snow lasts up to three seasons. The thickness of the snow has reached up to 425 cm. Lëpusha has already turned into a tourist destination, expecting numerous tourists every year. There are many inns that are already popular in the area. Lëpusha has the potential for the development of mountain tourism for mountaineering, skiing,rich flora, wildlife hunting, etc. Lëpusha, is located about 90km away from the city of Shkodra.
Lepusha differs in terms of natural landscape as well as in the investments made in the field of tourism. There are several guest houses (guesthouses) that make it possible to accommodate visitors.
The name Lepushë is derived from a herbaceous plant with yellow flowers, called Lepushtra, which grows mostly in the village.
The rabbit is valued as the rare beauty of Kelmendi nature and as the “pearl” of the Albanian Alps. High mountains with the Shenik rock block in the Namuna Mountains and the surrounding mountains. It is famous for its green pastures and dense forests that abound during the summer season.
The village is always bathed by the stream called Sheu i Lepushës.
It snows so much in winter, that its thickness has reached 4 meters, the highest in Albanian settlements.
The main branch of the economy is livestock and a little agriculture with potato crop. Handicraft processing of wood is another source of help for the economy of the inhabitants. Recently, tourism has started as an auxiliary economy, especially in the summer season.
Lepusha is a wonderful place with potential for nature and adventure tourism.Kelmendi rabbit has its fabulous beauty now in the summer season. There is a guesthouse that has adapted its comfort for a year-round tourism. Weekends are always reserved its owners say mentioning that various agencies from many cities of the country make the reservations a few days in advance.
This area attracts many foreign visitors and tourists even in winter. They are mainly those who like mountain climbing, adventure, snow sports and naturalists.
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