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Visit Lapland Findland

Lapland, Finland is the ultimate winter travel destination! This dreamy part of the world has it all… think reindeer sleigh rides, dog sledding, northern lights, amazing hotels, authentic saunas, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and much, much more!

Chapters of the guide to Lapland
Advices for travellers
1. The region is characterized by rather harsh and snowy winters, so fans of skiing and exploring the snow-covered woods have to prepare thoroughly. However, summer in Lapland is quite pleasant; the temperature often warms up to +20C, and in July it can reach +30C. 2. Major cities of the region are interconnected by rail and bus service, but it’s not worthy to rely on public transportation. Those who come to … Open 
Travel guide to Lapland
In winter, Lapland is also visited by fans of unusual entertainments. The region is perfectly suitable for watching the Northern Lights. A few years ago, this type of entertainments was considered as a trial only for the strongest people, as tourists had to spend several hours outside. Today, there are several special hotels on forest land. There are icehouses with a transparent roof. Now, you can watch the … Open 

Traditions and mentality of Lapland
Lapland is associated with wonderful winter landscapes; both children and adults dream to visit home of Santa Claus. It is an amazingly picturesque region with many fabulous national symbols and traditions. Like many centuries ago, indigenous people pay much attention to craft traditions; masterpieces of local artisans are incredibly popular among foreign visitors. The most common and popular are products of … Open 
City break in Lapland. Active leisure ideas for Lapland – attractions, recreation and nightlife
RukaMain attractions of Lapland are its beautiful natural places. In total, the region has 7 beautiful national parks, each of which features its own unique attractions. Lemmenjoen kansallispuisto has got its name in honor of the scenic mountain river; one of the main symbols of the park remains Ravadaskengas waterfall. Travelers who wish to appreciate the diversity of the local fauna are recommended to visit Oulangan kansallispuisto. There are about 30 species of animals, as well as more than a hundred species of birds and 7,000 of insects in the park.
Cuisine of Lapland for gourmet with top restaurants and cafe
Laplandian cuisine remains one of the most upscale and healthy in the world, because the main supplier of products for the local restaurants is nature itself. Since ancient times, local diet … Open
The charming park of Riisitunturin kansallispuisto attracts tourists with its mountainous landscapes. Vacationers can stroll through the picturesque foothills and then climb to one of the peaks and evaluate a panoramic view. Perämeren kansallispuisto is considered one of the most interesting parks; you can reach it by water only.
Landing on a tiny tarmac, we were speedily driven along an icy road to our igloo destination, Kakslauttanen. After towing our luggage on a snow sled in the dark, we found our igloo abode and crawled through the mini door into our dome home.
While the resort has activities like dog sledding and cold water swimming (no thank you), our time was more enjoyed relaxing in the lodge, reading, and wandering around the peaceful landscape in the strange winter light. The sense of space, pure air, and silence was unlike anything else.
The forecast did not appear to be in our favor for seeing the northern lights, but I just had a feeling that we would. On our last night there, while walking back from the sauna, we were stopped in our tracks by some glowing in the sky. Pausing to check if our eyes were deceiving us, we squinted and glared into the night hoping to see some activity.
And then light beams started dancing across the sky in green, blue, pink and purple curves. Standing in the middle of a snowy field, we were so amazed that we didn’t notice our hair freezing. We eventually made it back to our igloo where I laid in bed, unable to sleep as the lights flickered across the sky and down to the horizon for hours.
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