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Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the capital of France, of art and of fashion.

Most romantic and popular destinations.

We visit the capital of France, one of the most romantic and popular destinations in the world. It is located in the north of France, also known as the “City of Light” or “City of Love”.

Paris is a city that has much to show, without a doubt, it is a place worth visiting, thanks to its history, its culture and its gastronomy. There are many places to visit on your tip to France such as:

EIFFEL TOWERLocated on the Champs of Mars, on the banks of the Seine River, is the famous Eiffel Tower monument, wich has become a symbol of France, measuring 300 meters high, being one of the most visited monuments in the world. 
It is the perfect place to watch the sunset , taste the food to its sorroundings and enjoy its lights show at the night.

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals in the world , sorrounded by the Seine River.

Despite the serious dire that happened in 2019, it is a place to visit, either eating something around or on a walk trought this great city.


In this famous museum you can see more than 35,000 pieces of art, the museum is organized in different themes such as: oriental antiques, egyptian, roman, etc.

Visiting de Louvre Museum is perfect for people who are art lovers.Among the paintings and sculptures you can see are:

  1. La Gioconda – Leonardo Da Vinci
  2. The wedding of Cana – Veronese
  3. The Venus of Milo
  4. The sitting scribe
  5. And others… 

One of the most beautiful walks in Paris is on the great avenue of the Champs-Elysées, where you can take a 2km walk, surrounded by bueatufil gardens and some buildings such as: Grand Palais and Petit Palais. During the walk you can visit luxury shops, restaurants, cinemas and more.

At the end of this great avenue you will find the great monument of the Arc de Triomphe, wich is also a symbol of this city, where you can enjoy a great view from the top of the monument.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Located in the heart of the Sixth Arrondissement, the famous Jardin du Luxembourg is an inviting green oasis for Parisians and visitors alike. Come for people watching, romantic strolls, picnics, or just to admire the mash-up of English, Italian, and French landscaping influences. If you’re feeling athletic, join the early-morning joggers or stake out one of the tennis and pétanque courts.

Centre Pompidou

When the Centre Pompidou opened in 1977, it was a radical (and controversial) design for a museum—all industrial pipes and open glass views of Paris. Forty-plus years later it’s the undisputed grande dame of Paris’s contemporary art world. Within the massive 100,000-piece collection that stretches back to 1905, you’ll find everything from Picassos to video installations. Make sure to book your reserved tickets for a specific time slot to get in (and bring a mask for anyone over 11 years old)


Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre

Sacré-Coeur is a Catholic basilica that sits on the highest hill in Paris, in the Montmartre neighborhood. Its height is topped only by the Eiffel Tower. The basilica’s distinct white travertine façade gives the Romano-Byzantine structure a unique look among Parisian monuments. The church is open all day to anyone who wishes to visit, though big crowds mean you may have to wait to go inside.


The Palais-Royal complex is in some ways Paris in a nutshell: shops, cafés, art, history, architecture, bureaucracy, and spectacular gardens for people watching. And since it’s all right across the street from the Louvre, you likely won’t need to make a special trip. Don’t miss the Insta-famous Colonnes de Buren art installation in the inner courtyard.

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