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Shala river, secret paradise of the Northern Albania

Shala River is definitely one of the most beautiful destinations of Albania. Reachable only by boat and surrounded by mountains, this river is a perfect getaway for those who want to get rid of the mobile connection. The source of this river is in the Albanian Alps.

It is a miracle to see this oasis where Shala embraces Drini, now Lake Koman. It has been two years since it became the most frequented point in the north of Albania. They also call him “Buy the Stone of Lekë”, because the leader of Dukagjini, Leka, closed the last years of his life there.
The estuary of the Shala River in Lake Koman has become one of the most attractive river destinations in the Albanian Alps. Isolated from the high peaks, the rapid flow of the blue water of the Shala offers adventurers a panorama of what resembles distant Thailand.
The road to get to this magnificent panorama is somewhat long, but not tiring, as it is varied. It is mainly visited by tourists leaving Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Lushnja… mainly Central and Northern Albania. Visitors to Tirana leave a little early around 5 in the morning and after 2 hours of traveling on paved roads arrive in Vaun e Dejës and from here another 1 hour on unpaved roads to the point of departure of ferries and boats on Lake Koman is needed. .
Ferry schedules are 6 and 9 p.m. However, for 90 euros in total (5 euros per person) the boat with about 20 seats is made available to visitors to enjoy up close the interesting points of Lake Koman and the Shala River.
Shala Valley, a virgin river area, which has only recently been introduced to tourist agency guides, is attracting special attention, due to its untouched nature and the many opportunities it offers.Nature adventurers can enjoy exploring the area by boat, climbing the surrounding peaks with spectacular views, and diving into the fresh water of the Shala River. There is also a small beach where you can sunbathe.
The most adventurous, they manage to enjoy this new destination by setting up camping tents for a completely individual experience, surrounded by high peaks, about which the locals tell medieval legends.

According to legend, Prince Lekë Dukagjini, the second most important Albanian leader after the hero Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu, spent the last years of his life in this area, where he finds his names, such as “Guri i Lekës”, a strategic point. who sees the valley, from where it was thought that Dukagjini was guarding the country from the arrival of the TurksShala River is a new attraction, which has recently started to be frequented. It attracts visitors with its crystal clear water and wonderful nature.

This boom of tourists in the last two years has prompted locals involved in the service and accommodation industry to seek development opportunities with initiatives that will fund the area’s agriculture, so that visitors can enjoy local produce. There is also a small bar set up by local investors, where it is served to visitors.


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