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Beautiful Old Villages in Italy


Portofino is situated near the city of Genoa and it can easily be found and accessed. The travelers visiting have the chance to explore this rustic village.


Matera is one of the most captivating towns in Basilicata, a region in Italy, as it has been shown several times in Hollywood movies.The village’s characteristic element is its famous “sassi”, which are ancient cave-homes carved directly into the rock of the surrounding hills.


Castelmezzano is an example for an authentic Italian experience. Visit this amazing place and have the chance to drink some amazing regional wines.Apart from the fresh food from the surrounding farms and the delicious wine, have also a walk to its quiet and narrow streets, which are full of history and tradition.


The village of Alberobello in Puglia is like it came out of a fairytaleas it has unique trulli structures and conical white houses.These characteristics give a charming and magical sense to the place.


Positano is located only 30 miles from Naples and is one of the most spectacular and romantic villages in the whole Amalfi Coast.It has a pleasant beach and cozy restaurants, but there’s also a small harbor which is a popular launching point for boat trips to explore the Amafli Coast.


Montone is considered for the list of Italy’s 100 most beautiful villages. It combines its historic towers and rustic and charm with its incredible countryside.The nature’s characteristics are rambling grapevines, olive groves, and fields of wheat which light up during sunset.


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