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Osum Canyons, Albania:

If you know anything about Albania, then you already know that our natural environment is marvelous. We have high mountains, green forests, and crystal-water-beaches. One of the beautiful landscapes that Albania has to offer is Osum Canyons.Situated near the town of Corovode in Berat County, Osum Canyons are the largest in Albania. It is possible to explore the whole canyon during spring and summer. For those who crave adventure, the river offers rafting possibilities during spring months. It is the best way to take in all the spectacular views of the canyons.
During summer, on the other hand, the water is lower, and maybe rafting is not possible along the whole length of the canyon. However, it is just as breathtaking to explore it by walking. Either way, a visit to this natural wonder is an absolute must!

Something different about the Osum Canyons is that the edges have beautiful green flora all year round. While discovering the canyons, you will pass by incredible rock formations shaped by the water erosion. They reach a maximum height of 450 meters, giving a sense of grandiosity. With every couple of meters that you pass, a new shape appears keeping you in awe all the time. All this is accompanied by water flowing from different sides, sometimes also creating waterfalls.

What makes the Osum Canyons even more interesting are the tales that the locals associate them with. The most famous (and quite rebellious) is “The Bride’s Hole.” It is about a bride who was marrying against her will and was forced to follow old customs. Nobody would help her, so she came up with a plan. Along the way, she asked the rock of the canyon to open up so that she could hide. Immediately the rock opened up a hole, and she jumped off the horse and saved herself from the unwanted marriage. Today this hole is pretty popular, and everyone who visits gets the hear the tale.

So, if you are planning for your next exciting trip, Osum Canyons in Albania would be a great choice.

And this is not the only wonder of this canyon – few waterfalls show up, in some segments, and spectacular rainbows get mirrored in the water, especially on sunny days. On those cases it is very difficult to put the border between sky and earth, and the impressions follow you even when you leave the canyon, inviting for a back coming.


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