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Nacional park Valbona ‘Albania”

Valbona is located 25-30 km north of the city of Bajram Curri is part of Albanian alps,if you want to see the Albanian Alps, then the first place to visit is the Valbona National Park. Here you can see a rare beauty like in the fairy-tale..

The small Mediterranean country of Albania is still largely an enigma to most foreigners. Largely isolated from the rest of the world until the 1990s, the wonders of this beautiful nation have only been open to foreigners for a handful of decades. One of those spectacular locations is Valbona, a quaint alpine village nestled deep in the ominously-coined Accursed Mountains in northern Albania. For such a small town, the top things to see and do in Valbona, Albania are numerous and offer everything from incredible food to life-changing adventure.

Largely abandoned during the cold, icy winter months, the Accursed Mountains, better known as the Albanian Alps, come alive during the summer months. It is then that domestic and foreign tourists flock to northern Albania to experience its soaring, craggy peaks; dense mountain forests; and rushing rivers for themselves.

The region, best known for its popular hiking trail connecting Valbona to the small village of Theth, is like a scene out of a storybook. The stunning mountain vistas would not look out of place in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Pockmarked with rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, there are new gems to discover around every turn. The scenery is bolstered by the friendliness of the locals, who are remarkably hospitable and welcoming to foreigners.Albania may now be best known for the warm, sun-drenched beaches in its southern reaches, but the opportunity to explore its northern extremes shouldn’t be missed either. It’s a true alpine paradise, largely untouched with the exception of a handful of rustic settlements. I adored every moment I spent there and I’m sure you will, too. But before we jump into the top things to see and do in Valbona, Albania, let’s talk about how to get there!

How to Get to Valbona

There are a few ways to get to Valbona. If you’re traveling from the city of Shkodër, simply follow SH20 north. You’ll have to cross into the neighboring country of Montenegro and follow P9 for a stretch of time and turn onto PL01. From there, turn onto Top Biking Trail 3, which becomes Kakanjska Road. Follow that to PL02, which eventually loops back south into Albania. Continue onto Rruga Gogaj and eventually Rruga Azem Hajdari, and follow it into Valbona.But by far, the better option for reaching Valbona is by approaching the city from the lakeside port town of Koman. Located on Lake Koman, the route north to Valbona is one of the prettiest and most scenic in the country. This is the route I chose to get there!

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