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Lepushe and Vermosh in Albanian Alps

Lepushe and Vermosh

Lepushe and Vermosh are one of the most beautiful villages in the Albanian Alps, part of the most north administrative unit Kelmend, Municipality of Malesi e Madhe. The beautiful nature, the hospitality of the people and the delicious ocal food will make a visit to this area an unforgettable experience.

This valley represents the northernmost part of Albania. It is situated 95 km from the city of Shkodra and is in the region called Kelmendi. This name comes from the Latin word “climens” which means wise, simple, and good.

After a dramatic journey through the spectacular mountainous road from Shkodra to Vermosh, passing through places like Qafa Rrapshit and the Tamara Bridge over the River Cemi, the traveler arrives in the villages of Lepushe and Vermosh, located on a mountain valley created by the river also called Vermosh.

This is a valley of glacial origin and is situated at 1,100 meters above sea level. On both sides of the valley, there are mountain slopes covered with forests and pastures that rise into view. There are 45 peaks with heights over 2,000 meters, each of them bearing an original name. The vegetation consists mainly of beech trees and conifer. It is known for its landscapes and snowfall which lasts about 100 days each year.

In the second week of August, “Logu i Bjeshkes” is organized to the place called Qafa e Perdelecit in Lepushe. This is a folk festival for the northern part of Albania with many visiting artists from Albania, Kosovo and Montengro who come to show their skills. There is also a beauty contest where girls, dressed in traditional clothing, come to their country of origin from Western Europe and the United States. While “Logu I Bjeshkes” has been a traditional event of the area since ancient times, it has now become the most important cultural festival for the Kelmend area, gathering thousands of people each year. This celebration is usually combined with a local product fair.

The Lepushe and Vermosh Zone is known for the unique quality of its dairy products. It is also known for growing delicious potatoes.


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