Friday, January 27, 2023

Lake Leqinat in Rugova mountain Kosovo

Lake Leqinat or Lake Lićenat is a mountain lake found on the Mount Leqinat in the Prokletije range in western Kosovo. This lake is well known throughout Kosovo and is visited by people going to the Rugova Canyon or by people climbing nearby peaks such as Leqinat 2,341 m and Guri i Kuq at 2,522 m

Hiking in the Liqenati / Bjeshket e Nemuna – swim in the stunning lakes and practice yoga in nature. In western Kosovo, at the national park “Bjeshkët e Nemuna” there are plenty of mountain lakes, one of them called-Liqenati. It is one of the best lakes in Kosovo and is often visited by people going to the Rugova Canyon. Near the lake, you can also do rock climbing.

If you’re visiting Kosovo in the spring-summer season, the Lake Liqenat is a must destination to go and take a chilling bath and enjoy the stunning view of the Cursed Mountains in the west of the country. The most recommended trip guide to take you to the peek of these mountains is hiking njeri. Go check out their homepage to get more information for hiking and climbing Kosovan & Albanian mountains at Hiking Njeri .

See you soon! Enjoy the glacial lake at the following pictures taken from random hikers!


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