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Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

Everyone like Gardens… Right? And when gardens have that different colored flowers, beautiful landscapes and that aroma…. What else can you ask for !

 Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands

Keukenhof is the most beautiful spring garden in the world and one of World’s largest flower garden with approximately 7 million flower bulbs planted annually in the park. The garden is open annually from mid-March to mid-May. The grounds of Castle Keukenhof are open all year long and are frequently used for festivals such as Castlefest, the Ladies Winternight, and the Christmas Fair. The castle also houses classical music performances. One should surely put this in the Must See places in the World.

Butchart Gardens — Canada

One of the top tourist attraction in Victoria, Canada and also designated a National Historic Site of Canada. The gardens are beautifully maintained and with awesome colors, just a treat for the eyes.

Claude Monet’s Garden, Giverny, Northern France

The most famous garden in France is based on the famous art work of Monet. There are two parts in Monet’s garden: a flower garden called Clos Normand in front of the house and a Japanese inspired water garden on the other side of the road. There are literally thousands of flowers in these gardens including masses of tulips, irises, oriental poppies and peonies — plants with wonderful colors providing an inspiration to Monet’s paintings.


This expansive garden, which sits just to the west of the Palace of Versailles, sprawls across nearly 2,000 acres of land. Much of the landscape is styled as a classic French garden with its signature symmetry and order. The manicured lawns are dotted with flowers, sculptures, and fountains that date back to the time of Louis XIV. Fit for a king, the Gardens of Versailles were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the palace itself.


You can’t visit the Netherlands in the springtime without thinking of tulips. And if you are a real aficionado, that means a pilgrimage to the world famous Keukenhof in Lisse. From late March to late May, visitors flock to view the colorful flower displays filled with tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths. According to the Keukenhof, they plant 7 million spring-flowering bulbs each year from 100 Dutch floricultural companies. The bulbs are arranged in incredible displays that provide a dazzling visual for more than 1 million visitors who visit the gardens during this two month period.


This large estate in Ireland is known both for its home, which started as a 13th-century castle, and gardens that spill across 47 acres. Much of the gardens at Powerscourt Estate were landscaped in the 19th century after the 21-year-old Mervyn Wingfield, 7th Viscount Powerscourt, inherited the property. Inspired by the Gardens of Versailles and other famous gardens seen on his travels, he created a Japanese garden, Italian garden, walled gardens, and even a pet cemetery.

Stourhead Warminster, England

Stourhead is the best example of a garden inspired by the great landscape and great reason enough to visit England. The gardens are incorporating the ever changing vistas around a lake. The Arcadian ideal is the sort of background scene you see in many Italian Renaissance portraits, including the Mona Lisa. Do not miss out to visit this garden for your next England trip.


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