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Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are famous for their beautiful and colorful, never-ending fields of tulips!

Imagine just standing on one end of the field and looking at beautiful, colorful flowers as far as your eyes can reach.

This place is no less than ‘heaven on earth.’ But, sadly, this heaven lasts for a period. So, if you want to experience Tulip Fields in the Netherlands, you have to plan this trip early!

For a brief period, the fields of the Dutch countryside experience a beautiful transformation. The so-known Keukenhof tulip festival gives way to rainbow stripes of flowers in its tulip gardens, carpeting the landscape in colors of all sorts. Keukenhof gardens tour is just a magical sight to behold.

Keukenhof Tulip Park

All the flower geeks may just lose it here. Keukenhof is the premier location for those willing to bask in the glory of the  7 million bulbs of 800 varieties of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths!Unfortunately, the park is open for just eight weeks a year (April and May). Thus it is quite busy and crowded at that time. It is, however, a little bit costly for a budget traveler. But is it worth it? Yes.


Noordoostpolder is located in the Flevoland province and has one of the largest flower bulb cultivations and among the best Tulip Fields in the Netherlands. The fields of Noordoostpolder are a treat to the eye from April through May.Profytodsd Tulip Festival is Noordoostpolders main tulip Festival. It starts in mid-April and ends at the beginning of May. The fields are colorful, with tulip bulbs blooming everywhere. People visit the fields to enjoy the smell of the flowers and live among the colorful serenity.  It has a picturesque backdrop with windmills and the sea.


Schagerbrug is a lesser-known place in the Netherlands where you can find beautiful purple tulip fields. Usually, the places mentioned above are tourist favorites and hence are quite crowded on most days. However, for a more personal and quiet experience, Schagerbrug tulip fields are the best.Many say that the fields in Schagerbrug look something like out of a Dutch painting with its beautiful pink tulip gardens and the windmills in the far back. Visiting the fields in the early mornings to experience the sunrise amongst the beautiful flowers is always a good idea!   




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