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Most beautiful places in Europe

Neuschwanstein Castle, SW Bavaria, Germany

The impressive Neuschwanstein Castle perches on a hill and overlooks the Hohenschwangau valley in SW Bavaria.Built as a king’s folly in the mid to late nineteenth century its internal plumbing and heating systems were a major leap forward in the technology of the times.

Santorini Island

Oia is a village that snuggles in a volcanic cauldron on the coast of the Greek island of Santorini.Its houses are painted white and blue, but while it may look spotlessly new, the settlement’s history is traceable as far back as the beginning of the eleventh century.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Out of the five towns which comprise the UNESCO site of Cinque Terre in Italy only Vernazza has a harbor.The multi-colored houses of the car-free fishing hamlet area a major attraction to photographers

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower does literally tower above Paris, the French capital.The metal construction is a dizzying 1000 feet high and is the tallest structure in the city. It took two years to build and was inaugurated just in time for the 1889 World Fair.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

When you consider just how old the Charles Bridge which spans the Vltava River in Prague is, it’ll make you wonder how it’s still standing.The bridge’s 16 arches are over five hundred years old and the bridge towers, which are part of previous construction, date right back to the fourteenth century.

Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Keizersgracht or Emperor’s Canal is the widest canal in AmsterdamOver 100 feet wide, the canal is lined by 500-yo buildings which, although they may have been converted into luxury apartments, still maintain their original facades.

Hallstatt Village, Austria

The Hallstatt village is on the shores of Lake Hallstatt in Austria. Backed by a rugged mountain landscape, it’s more easily accessible by boat than by road.Seemingly untouched by time, the village’s colorful alpine houses and cobbled streets date to the sixteenth century.

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