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Amazing Museums in Italy

MUSMA, Matera

MUSMA (Museum of Contemporary Sculpture Matera) burrows into the heart of the sassi – the ancient cave dwellings of Matera that locals lived in right up until 1950s.eird and wonderful sculptures decorate hewn-rock rooms and courtyards that

are works of art in themselves.

Limonaia del Castel, Lake Garda

You’ll find the Limonaia del Castèl in Limone (of course), a village on the north-west shore of Lake Garda. It’s an ode to the importance of lemon farming in Lake Garda in the early 18th century.Over the years, various owners have added to the citrus orchard, planting grapefruit, kumquats and chinotto (best known for flavouring San Pellegrino drinks).

Wine Bank, Pollenzo

The Wine Bank is the highlight. You can trace the cellars, read all about the millennia-old art of Italian wine-making, and treat yourself to a tasting session.Or you could sign up to workshops that range between talks covering Italy’s top wine regions to

team quizzes…

Christ of the Abyss, Liguria

Christ of the Abyss is an underwater sculpture that dates back to 1954.Boats putter above the statue’s raised arms, but you’ll get a better view on a scuba diving trip that takes you to a nearby shipwreck, too…

Enzo Ferrari Museum, Modena

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari showcases the high-speed artistry of Enzo Ferrari – car designer and Modena’s local son.Restored workshops, photo galleries, experimental engine rooms, driving simulators and a race track all come part and parcel.

Castel del Monte, Puglia

You might recognise the medieval Castel del Monte – it’s a bit of a rising star in the film world, popping up in Wonder Woman and Tale of Tales (and the Italian €1 coin).It’s the shape that’s most intriguing, thanks to the octagonal body with 8 towers.


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