Friday, January 27, 2023

Pogradeci Lake Albania

In this hot summer season, in addition to various destinations preferred by Albanians, one of these destinations is Pogradec with its lake that inspired the legendary poet from this area and who wrote with passion about the lake beauty of the picturesque city, Lasgush Poradeci.

As soon as you enter the south-eastern district of Pogradec, you will first encounter a well-known, ancient village and from there begins the long journey to Drilon surrounded by Lake Ohrid and covered by a greenery and an air of pure freshness, so indispensable in summer.

After walking on a well-arranged road along the lake line, a trip with a fantastic view, you will go down to enjoy a natural beauty that will amaze you with the beauty that nature, but also people with their efforts have made possible for the visitors of Drilon to experience a very pleasant and relaxing holiday near the lake and near the green forest, with freshness, natural beauty and with a relaxing nature and abundant food and very tasty like fish.

Fish, the most favorite food for all the inhabitants of these areas and not only, but they do not forget to serve it as an emblem of tourist food that accompanies the journeys of all travelers to this destination.

As soon as you enter Drilon, another sensation invades you as a being, filling the entire breathing apparatus with deep, clean air.

Pogradec is the most visited city in Albania among Albanian cities in terms of lake tourism and such a hierarchical place, starting from what leaves you to enjoy and fully deserves.

With boats strolling through the calm water of the lake, with well-arranged bridges and with a very eye-catching architecture, with a summer breeze that constantly refreshes you and a high-calorie food make the small village by the edge natural wonder to be quite a favorite destination.

In addition to this fact, it is worth mentioning that tourists who have visited the picturesque Drilon remember it as a quiet place with unforgettable moments, which makes you not forget about it and its beauty donated by nature.

As you flee from this magical land, the blueness of the lake, the kindness of the people, the food of the fish, the boats and the boatmen that do this work with a lot of passion and desire remain in the mind.

This is Pogradec, the city full of extraordinary natural beauty that nature has forgiven and the unstinting courtesy of its inhabitants.

Somewhere in Pogradec is Driloni, this magical place that carries weight in the air to the heart and keeps you stuck with the charm of beauty that characterizes it.

Pogradec beach has a length of 8 km, starting from the city pier to the eastern edge of Tushemisht. In reality, Pogradec Beach is divided into two parts: the city beach which stretches along the promenade “1 Maji” and the part of Tushemisht and Lin. The city beach consists of fine to medium sand, while Tushemisht beach has thicker sand. In Pogradec Beach there are private and public beaches very suitable for family, day and mountain tourism. Nearby is the Drilon Park with lush vegetation and characteristic springs which flow into the lakes. The area is generally frequented by local and foreign vacationers


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