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Zermatt , Switzerland

Zermatt, in southern Switzerland’s Valais canton, is a mountain resort renowned for skiing, climbing and hiking. The town, at an elevation of around 1,600m, lies below the iconic, pyramid-shaped Matterhorn peak. Its main street, Bahnhofstrasse is lined with boutique shops, hotels and restaurants, and also has a lively après-ski scene. There are public outdoor rinks for ice-skating and curling.

What is Zermatt Switzerland known for?

Zermatt is famous for its magnificent long ski runs, with terrain for all skill levels, but it also offers outdoor sports for other seasons. There is a mountain trail for cyclists from the Winkelmatten up to the Furi, and the Zermatt Alpin Center offers expert guides for climbers year

High in the Valais Alps the village of Zermatt lies beneath the incomparable and legendary Matterhorn. This infamous peak is an ever-present and invigorating sight. All around Zermatt are a host vantage points for photos, and places where you can learn about the people who have conquered the mountain, or died trying.

The Matterhorn is just one of 29 peaks higher than 4,000 metres in the Upper Valais region. And in this Alpine playground you can do things that you might not have dreamed possible, like walk through a glacier, go skiing in mid-summer and climb one of Europe’s highest mountains. This is all made feasible by record-breaking infrastructure, from aerial tramways to funiculars, all testifying to human ingenuity in this extreme environment



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