Friday, May 26, 2023

Best Countries to Travel in Europe


I love Germany, because it has got all you need! In the north the coast lines, the east much history about the world wars, the west has got big cities and great architechture every part has got wonderful architechture).(And the last one the south: There are the wonderful alps and the beautiful castles.


Great country! One of the friendliest country in the world (very open-minded).Amazing culture. And the architecture. I love the cities there. Visit The Netherlands. In my opinion the best country in Europe.


Even though the world class cities of Madrid and Barcelona steal more than their well deserve fair share of the spotlight from other international destinations, Spain has the unmistakable European Old World charm.


This place is BEAUTIFUL! It has a lot of amazing scenery with amazing mountain ranges. It would be a great place for an adventurous type which could be you.


Great food, good culture, and the people is really nice if you get to know them. Norway got a lot of viking history museums and the Sami culture in the north.


England is the country of my dreams. London is amazing with its top attractions and people are the kindest and most polite.


A very underrated country and often overshadowed by Spain, this country has a rich history and culture. The weather is perfect, the people are nice and helpful.They speak foreign languages very easily.

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