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The beauty of Slovenia

Slovenia, a country in Central Europe, is known for its mountains, ski resorts and lakes. On Lake Bled, a glacial lake fed by hot springs, the town of Bled contains a church-topped islet and a cliffside medieval castle. In Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, baroque facades mix with the 20th-century architecture of native Jože Plečnik, whose iconic Tromostovje (Triple Bridge) spans the tightly curving Ljubljanica Rive

What Slovenia is famous for?Slovenia is famous for its beautiful landscapes, lakes and dramatic Scenery. It is a perfect place for adventure seekers and nature lovers. This country is home to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and some of the best ski resorts in Europe.


The list of the most beautiful places in Slovenia won’t complete without mentioning its capital – Ljubljana.

Even though it is the biggest city in this country, it’s relatively small if you compare it to the other European Union’s capitals (it has less than 300,000 inhabitants). Ljubljana is located in the heart of Slovenia. It is famous from the beautiful Old Town, canals and the castle located on the hill.

Lake Bled

The iconic Bled is one of the best places to visit in Slovenia. It is located in the Julian Alps, in the North of the country. I must admit that, like almost all the tourist, I fell in love with Bled!

The crystal clear lake with the church situated in the middle of it, amazing mountains covered with the snow, and the impressive castle built on the high hill, are things I will never forget.


Even though Bohinj is bigger than Bled, it is less famous. I have no idea why! Both lakes are equally beautiful.

Bohinj is located in the Triglav National Park and is a perfect gateway for hiking in the Julian Alps. An interesting fact is that the Church of St John the Baptist (that you can see in the photo below) is the most often photographed church in Slovenia.

Lake Jasna

Lake Jasna is located in Kranjska Gora at the Julian Alps, close to the Austrian border. It is a great place to visit all year long.In the summer you can jump into the lake to cool off. In the spring and autumn, you can see the explosion of colors on the trees surrounding Jasna. Winter is perfect for skiing in the neighboring mountains.


If you are looking to unwind a bit and enjoy some quality time with your friends, Laško will be the destination you are looking for. As a quaint spa town in Eastern Slovenia, Laško offers the serenity you need to get away from the worries of our modern life. Its water springs are also said to have healing properties as well, making it a very famous destination for locals and international travelers.

Škofja Loka

A stunning, fairy-tail town stuck in medieval times, Skofja Loka is truly one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. Located a short 30 minute drive from Ljubljana, this small town surrounded by mountains is the perfect day trip. Wander the narrow cobblestone streets, visit the castle or sample some delicious local cuisine in one of the many restaurants. There is a bit of something for everyone who visits Skofja Loka.

Kranjska Gora and the Zelenci Nature Reserve

Nestled atop the Julian Alps and located just about an hour away from Ljubljana, Kranjska Gora is an alpine resort town that really comes to life when the cold winter winds begin sweeping through the country. Featuring numerous scenic views such as the Vršič Mountain Pass, the town is a perfect spot to begin a hiking trip up the Julian Alps. In winter, there are plenty of alpine activities that will keep you busy throughout your stay.

Logarska Dolina

This destination is an alpine valley bordering vast tracts of ancient coniferous forests, making it a great getaway spot for those who look for fresh alpine air. The valley is divided into three main areas: lower, central, and upper. The lower and central parts of the valley feature lush and scenic meadows, while the upper part is where the ancient and untouched forests reside. This valley is often used as the base camp for those who wish to brave the peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Triglav National Park

As it is the country’s only national park, it is hard to cross out the Triglav National Park on your itinerary. It is home to several of the most beautiful places in Slovenia on this list. Boasting vast tracts of gorgeous forests, the park is a famous destination for trekkers and hikers who want to get lost in nature. It is also located less than an hour’s drive away from Ljubljana, so expect a lot of human activities, especially during the warmer months of the year. That said, if you wish to tackle some of the best hiking trails in Eastern Europe, this park is definitely the right spot for you.

Vintgar Gorge

This destination is situated in Triglav National Park, and it is only about 5km away from the famous Lake Bled, so it is quite easy to be added to any itinerary. Featuring imposing waterfalls adorned by lush and verdant vegetation, the gorge is perhaps the most magical place in the whole country. When looking for the most beautiful places in Slovenia to visit, this one should be at the top of your list. There are boardwalks that will allow you to explore most of the site, but to fully enjoy the views that the gorge has to offer, you might have to walk on gravel paths from time to time.


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