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Most Beautiful Villages in Greece

Assos, Kefalonia

The village of Assos is sleepy and small, located on a tiny horseshoe strip of land on the island of Kefalonia.Admire the colourful buildings lining the sea or enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the town’s scenic beach.

Fidakia, Central Greece

The Greek islands aren’t the only destinations in the country with memorable tiny towns.The serene mountaintop village of Fidakia in central Greece is surrounded by verdant pine forests with rolling hills and peaks in the distance

Apiranthos, Naxos

Set upon Mount Fanari on the island of Naxos, Apiranthos, visitors can admire the stone streets and buildings in this tiny mountain village.

Olympos, Karpathos

Olympos is known as the most beautiful village on the island of Karpathos (part of the Dodecanese island group).Also known as a “living folklore,” the village dates back to 7 A.D. and currently has a population of around 400.

Lindos, Rhodes

Whitewashed buildings sit below the village of Lindos’ famed mountaintop acropolis, featuring the Temple of Athena Lindia,…which dates back to B.C. times, as well as the Castle of the Knights of St. John, which dates back to the 14 century.

Karytaina, Peloponnese

The small, red-roofed village is near the Alfeios River in southern Greece.For gorgeous views of the village, river and surrounding mountain terrain, head up to visit the roofless ruins of the Karytaina Castle.

Molyvos, Lesvos

The village of Molyvos towers over its scenic harbour and the glistening Aegean Sea.Make sure to visit the hilltop castle, as well as the Ottoman Baths of Mithymna, formerly a Greek Hamman that’s now a museum.

Nafplion, Peloponnese

Located in coastal Peloponnese, Nafplion (Nafplio) is a maze-like village perched overlooking the Argolic Gulf.Frequently referred to as one of the most romantic destinations in Greece

Kastraki, Central Greece

Kastraki sits in the shadow of giant stone rocks called Meteora near the Pineios River in central Greece. The small town, which dates back to the 16th century.


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