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Vila Kujta Rugove Kosovo

How to spend 2 nights at Chalet Kujta Rugove in March!

A walk along the Rugova gorge, which is considered to be one of the longest and deepest canyons in Europe! There are several waterfalls and many water sources. At the sixth kilometer of the canyon is a 25 meter high waterfall, which is the most popular in Rugove!
Many caves are found in the gorge with most of them still unexplored! The most visited is the Grand Canyon which is explored 13 km!

Vacations become special when you are accommodated in Chalet Kujta, warm hospitality, tranquility and stunning view of the mountains from the windows and terraces of the villas!

  1. Undoubtedly the traditional food is popular in Rugove, and they are best prepared by small family businesses, the most favorite menu is the traditional table that includes all the traditional food of the country!

Via ferrata The first trail that is easy even for beginners is an experience not to be missed if you visit Rugova, rock climbing provided in the best way, stunning views, this adventure is guided and takes 2 to 3 hours!

Rugova with its history made everyone for themselves, visiting some museums and special places that have made history, exploring waterfalls, easy hiking trails, panoramic views of the Rugova mountains and many other things to spend your day on well experience them only with our local guide!
Chalet Kujta
Tourist Resort
Eko Village
HtuSuper big, Rugova
☎️ +383 48 4000 25


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