Sunday, June 4, 2023

Messi experienced heavy whistles, he wants to leave PSG

Lionel Messi is by no means able to swallow the fact that he has started to be contested by his fans.

Such a thing had not happened to the Argentine star, writes “Gazeta Express”.

And, the French media write that the seven-time winner of the Golden Ball has experienced quite severely yesterday the whispers made by the Paris Saint-Germain fans in the duel with Bordeaux.

French fans have been left in despair over the former Barcelona footballer’s meager contribution in recent months.

The climax reached the “Santiago Bernabeu”, where Messi was just a shadow.

Now, when the fans have turned their backs on him, Messi is considering leaving Paris.

This is what the French and Spanish media provide.

According to them, Leo never found himself in the “Princes’ Park”, where he was transferred as a free player.

Therefore, in his mind is the return to Barcelona, where he spent the best part of his career and where he won everything possible.

Also available are offers from the United States of America,

However, he feels he can still play at high levels and sees the MLS league as his future sometime later.

Yesterday, the Spanish media wrote that the player’s father, Jorge Messi, has already talked to the Barça executives about a possible return of his son to the “Camp Nou”.

Of course, the problem could be the stratospheric salary that Messi receives in Paris.

But with a sacrifice of his own everything is possible.

Some loves never end


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