Sunday, June 4, 2023

Painful: Some time ago he played in the Champions League against Real, today he hides in the bunker from the Russian army with his pregnant wife

Giorgi Sudakov (19) is one of the most talented Ukrainian footballers. He plays for Shakhtar Donetsk and his former coach Fernando Valente speaks in selected words about his talent. “Sudakov is the greatest talent I have coached in my life. He has not yet turned 20, played for national team A and most recently extended his contract until 2026. He is a fantastic guy. “He has to become the father of a daughter with his wife Lisa.” Unfortunately, due to the Russian occupation of Ukraine, Sudakov hides in a bunker with his pregnant wife, whom he married in February.I cry and pray for this couple and all the young players who have stayed in Ukraine and made me happy for the last two years. My heart is broken. Sudak is a player with great potential. He should have played for City or Barcelona. “I keep a picture of him and me on my cell phone, his pregnant women while they were happy,” added Valente.


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