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Valbona Gorge is the pearl of Albanian mountain tourism

Albania is a country full of surprises, astonishing even the most skeptical tourist. Located between the mountains and the sea it is a place where you can be surprised by the culture and its natural panoramas.

Colorful landscapes, lakes, high mountains, rivers, valleys, seas, this is the panorama that Albania offers to every foreign tourist who wants to explore a previously unknown place.

Rare natural beauties come intertwined with cultural and historical heritage inherited from generation to generation. All these are accompanied by the hospitable tradition of Albanians, a value already known by foreign guests.

For foreign tourists, but also for domestic ones, there are some tourist areas in Albania that should not be left unvisited.

Such is the Valbona Gorge, located in the north of the country, in Tropoja.

The road to Valbona is a wonder in itself with forest and water landscapes, impressive mountains and valleys.

Sailing with the ferry Koman-Fierzë is a real tourist attraction for anyone visiting Tropoja in all four seasons.

Then a beautiful valley awaits you that stretches between the namuna (blessed) mountains dividing the rocky mountains to create this beautiful panorama of Albanian nature.

Even its name, Valbona says this – Beautiful Valley… Here you can experience not only natural beauty but also the echo of Kreshniks, Muji and Halil… According to the epic, Bjeshkët e Namuna have been one of their settlements, fairy tales .. e full of other legends he hears among the locals.

But, the trip to Valbona, on Lake Koman is one of the most beautiful trips that can be made, the high mountains along the coast, full of greenery and steep cliffs, between the gorges, a journey like in fairy tales. You can then be accommodated in the area inns, the houses of the residents put at the service of the tourists, preserving the tradition and serving them in the traditional way.

You wake up and in the morning sunlight appear in front of the top of the bars, the open gorges, the top of Rod, the Dry Mountain, all seem to touch the sky…

The return is also a separate tourist guide passing through Gjakova and Prizren, visiting the historic cities of Prizren, the bazaar, the castle, etc.… and in the evening you are in Tirana… This summer I spent a few days in beautiful Valbona…


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