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The legend of Lake Bled: The island of wishes

In the middle of one of Slovenia’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Bled, lays a small and charming island with a church on the top of it. One of the most known things about the Bled island is the church bell, also called the wishing bell, that you could ring while making a wish, which then supposedly comes true. This story together with the ones about the origin of Lake Bledand Bled Islandmake up some of the interesting legends about the lake.

The origin of Lake Bled

One of the legends about the origin of Lake Bled tells the story of young shepherds, who were shepherding their sheep on a big green pasture. There was a chapel in the middle of the pasture, where their sheep often wandered off to. The shepherds did not care at all about their sheep desecrated this holy place and did nothing to stop them from going there again. That is why god decided to create a lake around the chapel to protect it, and that is how Lake Bled, and the island with the church got created.

The church is also a popular venue for the wedding ceremonies, and one can understand why some want to marry in such a special location. There are 99 stairs that lead to the church, and according to the tradition, the groom has to carry the bride up these stairs, in order for their marriage to be happy.

A view like from a fairytale

Lake Bled with its surroundings is one of the most visited and recognizable tourist destinations in Slovenia, as it is unique and offers a spectacular view of the mountains and the crystal blue water of the lake. You should also consider visiting the not so distant Savica waterfall, where a beautiful love story takes place.

The Bled Island is easily accessible, as there are numerous traditional boats with the name pletna, making their trips there daily. If you feel like refreshing yourself, you can even swim to the island, or make the trip more active, borrow a boat and paddle yourself. Besides the church with the wishing bell, there is a shop on the island, which offers beautiful and original products and souvenirs, serving as a memory of your trip to Bled. You can grab a bite in one of the restaurants near the lake or try the traditional Slovenian dessert called blejska kremna rezina, also known as blejska kremšnita or the Bled cream cake, which is considered an original feature of town Bled. There is also a medieval castle called Bled Castle standing above the lake and offering beautiful views.

A visit to Lake Bled and the beautiful island is definitely a trip worth your time and a sight you won’t forget for a while. It excites with interesting legends about the place and even offers a “magical” bell for those who only wish strong enough.

Credits for text and photo Darja


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