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5 most beautiful beaches on the Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera has been described by many international travel companies and world media as the “Hidden Pearl of the Mediterranean”. But what are its most beautiful beaches:

  1. Drimadha beach

Drimadha beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Albanian Riviera. It is a piece of paradise with a natural rock formation that divides the beach in two. One side is full of white pebbles, while the other side is brushed with golden, soft sand.

Drimadha beach is located near the village of Dhermi, in a small bay with crystal clear and calm waters. It is the perfect place to leave for a quiet vacation, to relax and enjoy a beautiful natural landscape.

This beach is known for its fiery sunsets, which melt into the calm blue waters that seem to continue indefinitely. Behind the beach, the rugged backdrop of mountains rising off the coast prevails.

Those who will visit with family or a special friend will spend a magical time relaxing in this quiet and secluded place. And if you like, there are plenty of activities available to entertain you near this beach and numerous resorts just a few steps away.

. Ksamil Beach

Just a few kilometers south of Saranda, Ksamili with its small beaches, fragmented by natural rock formations, is one of the most picturesque places on the Albanian Riviera. The small white sandy beaches and the crystal clear and calm waters have turned Ksamil into one of the favorite destinations of Albanians and foreigners visiting Albania.

Ksamil is suitable both for those who visit with family, because of the calm water, sandy beaches and numerous accommodation structures, as well as for young people or couples, who can find their piece of paradise in the multitude of Ksamil numerous beaches.

Among the main attractions of Ksamil are definitely the 3 uninhabited islands that dominate the landscape of its coast. Islands that can be easily visited by boat or other watercraft.

Ksamili offers numerous accommodation facilities and seafood restaurants. It is located just minutes away from Saranda, the largest city along the Albanian Riviera, and very close to the island of Corfu and its international airport.

  1. Gjipe beach

Located between the tourist destinations of Dhërmi and Himara, Gjipe beach is almost untouched by development. Located in the middle of the mountainous terrain, the beach is located at the bottom of the Gjipe Canyon, a natural formation with rocks that reach up to 70 meters high in some places.

To reach the beach you have to walk for about 20 minutes, a somewhat demanding walk in the middle of the mountainous terrain, but this helps to keep the beach relatively calm, even in the peak of summer. If you like hiking, you can explore the canyon for miles, but keep in mind that it is relatively difficult.

Gjipe beach has blue and clear water, with the beach consisting of white pebbles. This beach is preferred by adventurers, who do not shy away from the difficulties to reach it. The reward for this little toil is the wandering in one of the most impressive natural beauties on the Ionian coast

. Palace Beach

When you descend to the south along the Albanian Riviera, as soon as you cross the neck of Llogara, the first beach you see is the beach of Palas. Set in the delta of a mountain stream, this beach is a combination of white sand, pebbles and crystal clear water.

Palas beach is one of the most stunning parts of the Albanian Riviera, harmonizing the dizzying slope of the mountainous terrain and a descent of more than 1000 meters from the neck of Llogara to the beach, in the endless blueness of the Ionian and the incomparable clarity of the water.

Beyond the traditional land, land and sea routes, this beach can also be reached by flight from the neck of Llogara. The most adventurous can perform a flight of more than 1000 meters, accompanied of course by air sports professionals, and enjoy one of the most impressive panoramas of the entire Riviera.

  1. Kakome beach

Kakome beach is located along the Ionian coast, in the bay of the same name, about 7 km west of the village of Nivica and about 13 km north of Saranda. It is one of the most isolated destinations and one of the most untouched beaches on the Albanian Riviera. Man-made interventions on this beach are almost non-existent.
Before the 1990s, the bay was a military base and entry was not allowed, but even after the 1990s, the area has been inaccessible to the public for a long time.

On this impressive beach you can enjoy the wonders of nature, untouched and untouched; white sandy and pebble beach, crystal clear water with all shades of blue, all surrounded by greenery and untouched nature, away from the noise and urban chaos.

Kakome beach can be reached by car, but as a former military area you may also encounter problems accessing it this way. The best and probably the most impressive way is by boat.



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