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Grunas Waterfall. Theth, Shkoder Albania

Grunas Waterfall is one of the most special natural beauties in the interior of Thethi National Park in the entire Albanian Alps, declared a natural monument since 2002.

Grunas Waterfall is located on the western slope of the Thethi valley in the Albanian Alps. It starts at the western foot of the Bosch Peak, where it forms a narrow rocky trough through a limestone slope, then the water immediately falls from a height of 25 m. At the bottom of the waterfall is formed a pond, from which water flows into the valley of Thethi, at the beginning of the canyon of Grunas.

The whole slope where the waters of this waterfall break is covered by a dense forest. Due to the water droplets that fall around the ivory, on sunny days it is almost always accompanied by rainbows at the bottom of the sled.

Grunas waterfall with its environment, is one of the rare phenomena of the Albanian Alps and therefore is an important tourist point.

In the final part, a natural bathtub with emerald water is created, which completely complements the rare decor from which it has gained the status of a natural monument.

The rocky slopes are a good opportunity for seasoned climbers who have the chance to climb to the source of the Grunas Waterfall springs.

Grunas Waterfall is a natural attraction that rewards with extraordinary relaxation and pleasure the journey of a tourist to the Albanian Alps.

The waterfall is located on the outskirts of Theth village, on the western slope of the Theth valley, only about 50 min to reach starting from the center of Theth village.

The itinerary consists of 20 min of easy field walking that crosses the river that crosses the village in the middle, and about 30 min of climbing is of medium difficulty. The best walkers can reach this destination in 1.5 hours round trip.

The walk is spectacular, giving you the opportunity to visit nature full of landscapes rich in vegetation, high mountain peaks in the background, or water fountains. The panorama that appears to you the most arrival at the destination is out of the aspects that you could have created up to that moment for this attraction.


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