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Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora is a small South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Surrounded by sand-fringed motus (islets) and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef, it’s known for its scuba diving. It’s also a popular luxury resort destination where some guest bungalows are perched over the water on stilts. At the island’s center rises Mt. Otemanu, a 727m dormant volcano.

Bora Bora island will make you feel love at first sight. With ocean views  of turquoise waters resembling an artist’s palette of bright blues and greens, romantics from around the world appreciate Bora Bora’s, lush, tropical vegetation circling the perimeter of the island and the valleys of Mount Otemanu blossom with hibiscus.

The Bora Bora island is one of the most popular islands in The Islands of Tahiti. One of nine islands within the Society Islands, Bora Bora was formed over seven million years ago by a volcano. Like most of the islands of French Polynesia, Bora Bora is surrounded by a ring of coral reef, also known as an atoll.

This south pacific island could easily be defined as the center of the romantic universe, where luxury, beach resorts, and spas dot the island with overwater bungalows, thatched-roof villas, and a fabled ambiance. Simply put, Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

The island with its warm tropical climate is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit would be during the dry season. The temperature is slightly lower with much less rain. The average temperature is around 79F (26 C), while the water temperature hovers in the mid 80’s (30C) on average throughout the year. High tourist peak season is from May – October, particularly in August. During this time prices also peak and there are many more people around. The dry season is also the best time to go scuba diving due to the high water visibility during this time. Many tourists prefer to visit in the off season as it is less crowded and for better prices and more value. April and November are considered the shoulder months

The overwater bungalow was first created in French Polynesia. The concept of the overwater bungalow that is synonymous with luxury and tropical island vacation around the world was first created in the ’60s on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia.A failed vanilla plantation was turned into a resort, building bungalows that stand over the water using stilts. This idea and design has been copied throughout the world. Today, overwater bungalows that offer direct access to the lagoon with amazing views are a standard feature of most Bora Bora resort

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