Saturday, June 3, 2023

Eating “wild peas” can quench hunger and thirst for a few days

A centuries-old medicine for weight loss is about to be restored after evidence of its use was discovered in old manuscripts during an archeological excavation. The “heather” pea is a long-forgotten Scottish wild plant, similar to fern, with purple flowers, which apparently can suppress hunger and thirst for weeks. Entrepreneurs are now interested in reintroducing to the world this wonderful plant as a dietary supplement that can produce drastic weight loss results.

According to botanical records, heather peas, also known as bitter kidneys, were a vital component of the highland diet until the 18th century, when food was scarce. Pea-sized tubers were removed from the roots, dried and swallowed. Just a few tubers were enough to provide an energy boost and prevent thirst and hunger for days, even weeks. Entire communities are said to have lived from these tubers when crops were poor.


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