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Saranda Albania The queen of the Albanian coast.

The city of tourism, but above all of culture and history. An ideal destination for your vacation, all year round. A place full of pristine beaches and delicious seafood.
This coastal city par excellence radiates in the endless sunlight and its reflection in the crystal clear waters of the turquoise. Located on the Ionian coast, the city has many of its wonderful beaches, but can be a great place to start exploring the rest of the magnificent Albanian Riviera. With good food and lively nightlife, the soul of Saranda inspires a joy of life to every visitor

Just a few kilometers from there stands the ancient city of Butrint, one of the best preserved in the Balkans and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Butrint National Park, you will find ruins of the Greek and Roman past, including a functional open-air theater.

The neighboring islands of Ksamil are a destination of choice in many international trips while the tropical paradise of Albania, the Blue Eye (Blue Eye).

Saranda is also the house of the ruins of an old synagogue (built in the 5th century AD), another archeological park (Finiq Park), the ruins of the Monastery of the 40 Saints, the Monastery of St. Kolli, etc.

Some photos from:
Beaches (to name a few)
Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Finiq Archaeological Park
Monastery of 40 Saints Ruin
Ruins of the Synagogue
St. Kolli Monastery
Vivari Castle
The famous source of Blue Eye – Blue Eye – Blue Eye
Leather Castle and the magnificent view of the city and the neighboring island of Corfu (Greece)

Photo Credits Genti Metaj


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