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Mostar Old Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina …

Stari Most, also known as Mostar Bridge, is a rebuilt 16th-century Ottoman bridge in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina that crosses the river Neretva and connects the two parts of the city.

The iconic Mostar bridge in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦The old Mostar bridge was completed in 1566 and remained through until November 1993, when it was destroyed during the Bosnian War.It was rebuilt from 2001-2004 using traditional techniques in an effort to restore the bridge as faithfully as possible.

The Stari Most or the Old Mostar Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is widely considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world!.Fun fact :The bridge has no foundations. The story goes that Stari Most was held together with metal pins and egg whites, and to this day remains an unusual yet impressive design.

The bridge stood proudly and powerfully over the Neretva river for 427 years, until it was shot down by Croat forces during the Bosnian war on 9 November 1993. Reconstruction of the bridge began in 1997 and followed exactly the same building techniques that were used over four centuries earlier, so as to preserve the integrity of the original Stari Most.

Few bridges are built without foundations, let alone one as beautiful as the Stari Most. When it was completed in 1566/67, the bridge had the widest arch in the world and was a masterpiece of Ottoman architecture. So much so, that the city of Mostar is actually named after the bridge and is derived from the Slavic word – mostari ­– for ‘bridge keepers’.



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